With Docker

  1. Clone the git repoisitory
  2. In the root directory of the repository, run docker-compose up
  3. Access the site from http://localhost:8080 and go through the site setup there

Without docker

  1. Install NGINX, PHP7-FPM, and MySQL
  2. Clone the git repo within your root www directory
  3. Replace the default NGINX site config default with the file default.nginx found within the repo
  4. Restart NGINX
  5. Create a MySQL user and database for this site
  6. Visit the site at http://localhost and follow the site setup there

Credits and documentation

All software used through composer belong to their respective owners.

For documentation on what this project uses most directly visit these links:

Slim Framework - The backbone for this project's code

HTML to Markdown - Used to make it easier for creating and editing pages/posts

CommonMark - Turns these edited pages into HTML